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Steps to Applying for College!

The College/University Application Process

Colleges/universities have admissions requirements; be sure to check that you meet the minimum requirements of the college/university that you want to attend. Also, be sure to visit the college/university that you want to attend.

Most of the institutions follow the same procedures for applying:

  1. Apply online; there are colleges/universities that require the creation of a student account in order to apply; be sure to keep up with your username and password.
  2. Pay an application fee; some colleges/universities will allow the fee to be paid on-line; some colleges/universities require a check or money order mailed/delivered to the college/university.
  3. Send ACT scores to the college/university; most schools require the scores to be sent directly from ACT; when you take the ACT, be sure to list your desired college/university as an institution to which you want your ACT scores sent; if you do not indicate for your ACT scores to be sent when you take the ACT, you may have to pay ACT to send an official score report to the college/university (
  4. Submit an official high school transcript; most Louisiana colleges/universities will be able to access your final high school transcript from the State system (that means MHS may not have to send your transcript to the college/university for you and your transcript will be available after you graduate); however, some colleges/universities will still ask for an in-progress/six semester transcript – if you need your transcript sent to a college/university, please complete and submit a DeSoto Parish Request for Official Transcript form (available at the front desk) to the MHS office. If you are going to a college/university that is not in Louisiana, you will need to submit this request, for out-of-state colleges/universities cannot access the State system. If you are planning to attend the Louisiana Technical College, you will need to submit a transcript request. If you are planning to attend a business college, cosmetology school, or any other type of training school, you will need to submit a transcript request. Please be sure to have the e-mail, fax number, or mailing address listed on the transcript request form.
  5. Submit an official transcript of any dual-enrollment credits to the college/university to which you are applying; you will need to request official transcripts from the college/university from which you have the dual-enrollment credits – your MHS transcript will not be official documentation for the transfer of dual-enrollment credits. There may be a fee for this. You will need to contact the college/university that awarded the dual-enrollment credits to see how to request the official transcript.
  6. Submit a medical form (colleges/universities require proof of immunizations); most colleges/universities have a medical form to download and have a physician/nurse to complete. Some colleges/universities will allow this form to be faxed; some colleges/universities want it mailed to the college/university.
  7. Males need to provide proof of registration with selective service. Register with selective service on-line at; you will need your social security number.
  8. If you are planning to live on campus, you will need to submit an application for housing and select a meal plan. Many college/universities allow for this to be done on-line. There may be non-refundable deposits required for housing.
  9. Most Louisiana colleges/universities utilize the application to the college/university as the application for scholarships that are awarded by the college/university; however, there are some colleges/universities that still have separate applications for scholarships. Be sure to look at the financial aid section of your college/university of interest.
  10. Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); this on-line free application is available at; this is a free application; if you get to the end of your form and a fee is requested, you have completed the wrong form! Almost all schools require this to be submitted – this form is required for TOPS, TOPS Tech, Pell Grants, Work Study, etc. You will need to create a FSA ID in order to complete your FAFSA; go to
    1. If you are planning to attend your college/university in January (you plan to graduate from high school in December and immediately enroll in a college/university), complete the 1819 FAFSA and use your parent/guardian tax returns from 2016.
    2. If you are planning to attend your college/university in June (you plan to graduate from high school in May and immediately begin summer school), complete the 1819 FAFSA and use your parent/guardian tax returns from 2016.
    3. If you are planning to attend your college/university in August (you plan to graduate in May and begin after summer), complete the 1920 FAFSA and use your parent/guardian tax returns from 2017; you may start this process on October 1, 2018.
  11. Most college/universities provide an orientation for new students; some schools have one-day meetings, some schools have an orientations that last two or three days. Be sure to check with the admissions department of your college/university to see about freshmen orientation. Some schools require registration and a fee.
  12. Colleges/universities have admissions departments that have staff available to answer questions; be sure to call/e-mail if you have specific questions about enrolling in your college/university.