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Note to Parents

My mission for your child is to instill a love of math in them before they leave my class. I also want to be held personally accountable for each student's success in regards to LEAP 2025 Testing. To ensure academic achievement, there are some things parents need to be aware of. I assign homework everyday including Fridays. I understand that each student has a rigorous workload in other courses as well as extracurricular activities. With this in mind, I allow adequate time for students to finish homework assignments in class. I emphasize the importance of homework and always compare it to playing sports. Any good sportsman does not wait to the championship game to acquire their skills. Instead, they practice daily to become the best they can be. Similarly, homework is a daily exercise in which students can sharpen their math skills in order to prepare for our big game day, the LEAP 2025. Please ask you child everyday, "Did you do your homework?" It is of great importance that we hold our children accountable for their learning. 


Welcome to a World of Alegbra!

Algebra I is traditionally the first mathematics class that a student takes in high school. It is a graduation requirement for all students. The State of Louisiana mandates the standardized LEAP 2025 exam for all students taking Algebra I. All students entering high school after 2010 are required to pass this exam in order to receive a Louisiana high school diploma. For this reason, the course is strictly structured according to the comprehensive curriculum issued by the state. Mansfield High School desires to give our students the best possible opportunity to succeed in this class, pass the LEAP 2025, and continue with their high school mathematics curriculum. 

About the Course

The content of Algebra I is divided into 12 units and covers 44 Louisiana Student Standards which are organized under the following domains:


Unit 1 – Solving Single-Variable Equations & Inequalities

Unit 2 – Linear Equations and Inequalities

Unit 3 – Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities

Unit 4 – Evaluating Functions

Unit 5 – Linear & Exponential Functions

Unit 6 – Arithmetic with Polynomials

Unit 7 – Solving Quadratic Equations

Unit 8 – Quadratic Functions

Unit 9, 10, 11 – Bivariate Statistics

LEAP 2025 Review

LEAP 2025 Testing


1. Pencil

2. Eraser

3. iPad (optional)

Nakia N. Graham, Algebra I Instructor
Nakia N. Graham, Algebra I Instructor

Meet the Instructor

Nakia Graham is a native a Mansfield, La. Ms. Graham is a 2012 graduate of Mansfield High School with a 4.25 GPA. Graham was extremely active in school. Among her high school accolades, she was the Student of the Year, Miss MHS, and Valedictorian. In her valedictorian address, Nakia boldly professed, "The next time I walk the halls of Mansfield High School, I will be a teacher." Ms. Graham received a full academic scholarship to Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. She attended the Louisiana Scholars' College, the state's only designated liberal arts program. Nakia graduated college in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and Liberal Arts. She was selected to give the graduating class address.Graham held true to her promise as graduating senior. She currently serves as an Algebra I instructor at Mansfield High School. Ms. Graham is empowering young people from her hometown to be mathematicians. In the fall of 2016, she had the highest scoring class in Desoto Parish for Algebra I End of Course Testing.

Contact Information


Phone: (318) 461-9611